The implementation of the Marketing Communication Mix using Internet Platforms on Turkish Cypriot Hotels

  •  Zead M. Alhawamdeh    


The advent of the internet has reshaped the way humans live, and the way business is done globally. Although the tide of globalization had set in long before the advent of the internet, the coming of the internet expedited it. This is even more so for the field of tourism which relies on the cross cultural and global fascination the world’s citizens hold for the various ‘other sides’ of the planet. The benefits of marketing through the internet is for some an overwhelming phenomena. Tourism forms have however had to catch up fast. Today the internet is used in such marketing schemes as online sales promotion, online advertising, Thus the traditional marketing communications mix have been found to have a new avenue in the world wide web. This study set out to understand the rate at which North Cyprus hoteliers are catching up and more specifically to understand how elements of the marketing communications mix are deployed through their websites. Three, four and five star hotels graded by the North Cyprus Hoteliers Association known as KITOB were used as the sample population for this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.