The Impact of Intellectual Capital Efficiency in Business Reengineering: An Empirical Study on the Industrial Companies Listed on the ASE

  •  Omar Fareed Shaqqour    


The redesign of administrative strategic processes and polices from the root to realize the value added in the organization is called re-engineering approach, where the employees who have the knowledge, intellectual ability and skills that give them the ability to innovate and achieve the objectives of the organization, is called intellectual capital efficiency.    

Knowing the importance of an intellectual capital efficiency of the company and its contribution to provide the requirements of applying re-engineering in the company and its ability to motivate the company to implement this approach, Is important and vital.

This study aims to identify the impact of intellectual capital efficiency in re-engineering on industrial firms listed on the Amman Stock Exchange ASE. To achieve this goal, the researcher measured the intellectual capital efficiency by Pulic model, and the business re-engineering through a questionnaire to measure three themes related to re-engineering, the business, extent of support the company's management to apply the business re-engineering approach, the availability of the requirements of re-engineering, and the extent of applying the reengineering approach.

The study sample consisted from 50 industrial companies listed on the ASE, during the study period (2014- 2017), the study used SPSS and Excel to identify the descriptive characteristics of the variables of the study, and analysis the data, and it was also used regression analysis to test the hypotheses of the study.

Study results concluded that intellectual capital efficiency positively impact in supporting the company's management to apply the business re-engineering approach in the industrial companies listed on ASE, and the results also showed that the intellectual capital efficiency positively impact in the providing of the business re-engineering requirements in these companies, finally, the study finds that intellectual capital efficiency positively impact in the applying the business reengineering approach in these companies.

The study recommended to increase the interest for intellectual capital and business reengineering, and the study also recommended to increase awareness among workers in the accounting departments of the importance of the subject of intellectual capital efficiency and business reengineering.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.