Impact of Knowledge Management Process on Managerial Performance in the High Tech Sector

  •  Bechir Brahmi    
  •  Malik Mustafa    


This study used two mixed methods are qualitative and quantitative methods, qualitative methods were analysed using semi structured techniques based on interviews and case studies. Whereas, the quantitative methods were analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Science. Descriptive analysis based on frequencies and percentages was performed to define the major demographic characteristics of the respondents. This study aimed at identifying the major factors that affect KMP, KOL, KM dynamic capabilities, and innovation performance, in particular, influence of knowledge management on managerial performance services in developing countries. The results of this study are expected contribute to in-depth understanding of how factors affect adoption of in the high tech sector in developing countries and play critical role in improving the level of their using.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.