Purchase of Consumer Behavior in the Event of Natural Disasters, Shows New Cultural Values?

  •  Giulia Netti    


Specifically, this article is a pre-test to understand if a population considered individualistic, such as the Italian population, in the study carried out by Hofstede, in particular cases resulting from a shock, in other words from the advent of a natural disaster, highlight cultural values that were previously unidentifiable.

A statistical analysis was conducted, through the administration of a questionnaire, via the web thanks to the use of social media such as facebook and whatsapp.

The results of this pre-test that registered a number of 263 replies to the questionnaire, shows that the Italian population in the event of a natural disaster, shows a high cultural value, understood as a strong propensity to social and economic aid, identifying values collectivistic and no longer individualistic.

However, this research work has many limitations that can be overcome through a more in-depth and complete analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.