Evaluation of the Impact of Using Electronic Marketing in Marketing Illegal Products by Applying to Marketing of Digital Drugs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  •  Abeer Elsayed Fayed    


Just as electronic marketing has advantages, it also has its disadvantages. Through it, illegal products can be marketed, which are prosecuted by governments in traditional markets. These products have found a safe haven in the electronic marketing to market them. One of these products is drugs, which are a major threat to any government and fought against by it. Therefore, its marketers have circumvented this situation and turned them into digital addiction fighting the young people known for their keen interest in the Internet.

The study observed the misuse and illegal use of electronic marketing. Thus, the problem of the study was the spread of marketing illegal products through the Internet, such as digital drugs, exploiting the spread and popularity of electronic marketing, especially among adolescents and young people.

The study used the descriptive analytical approach. It was also based on the simple correlation coefficient and the stepwise regression coefficient to test hypotheses for one of the methods included in the SPSS.

The study concluded that there was a strong relationship between the use of electronic marketing components and the spread of digital drugs. Without electronic marketing, there would be no presence of this type of drugs. It also found the skill of their marketers in using the marketing mix components to market their deadly product. The study also found the possibility of using the means of curbing the spread of these drugs via electronic means over the Internet and in the same way of their marketers. Finally, the study concluded that this harmful marketing could affect the future of electronic marketing; rather, the electronic commerce as a whole.

The study recommended the use of the electronic counter-promotion strategy against these websites in line with raising awareness of young people, blocking websites promoting them, and prosecuting them if created again, penetrating the websites marketing the digital drugs and change their content. A comprehensive national plan that includes the Ministries of Health, Education, Interior and Justice is needed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.