The Extent to Which the Corporate Governance Characteristics Has Affected the Audit Report Lag in Jordanian Banks

  •  Lina Hani Warrad    


The business environment has experienced rapid changes with critical implications on organizations in different countries, companies have responded to compete by improving their business management practices and enforcement instructions for the organization of its work and the methods of administration applied there in and work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting methods and auditing, from while supporting the internal audit departments of the monitoring and follow-up committees for accounting and auditing procedures to achieve transparency and credibility financial statements within their financial reports. There is an urgent need in presently the application of corporate governance on one hand and standards Accounting, Conduct and Ethics Auditing profession on the other hand. Because of the impact on the independence of auditors and increase effectiveness of their performance, as well as their role in evaluating the performance of management in the strengths of companies are through their organization of business and their appearance and weak performance (Al-Beshtawi, 2014).

This study seeks to discuss the extent of association between corporate governance characteristics and the audit report lag ARLAG for the listed Jordanian Banks during the period from 2014 to 2016. The study used statistics measurements and tools to clarify the relations and hypotheses. The results found a significant relation between the corporate governance characteristics and audit report lag ARLAG jointly and separately with the board size BORSIZE, board diligence BORDEL, audit committee size ACSIZE and audit committee diligence ACDEL, and the relation was controlled by two variables: return on equity ROE and company size COMSIZE.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.