Challenges Facing the Organization of Tourism Programs to Jordan

  •  Mohammad Nayef Alsarayreh    


Aims to study the problems facing the organization of tourism programs to Jordan and identified a number of the most prominent problems to be studied.

The study was based on preliminary sources, where information was collected from samples of tourism and travel companies in Jordan, and the problems of organizing tourist programs were investigated.

The study is based on a set of hypotheses that the work in the tourism sector is facing problems to organize tourism programs in the fields of study mentioned above and there are statistically significant differences in degree of exposure to the problems of organizing tourism programs due to the variables of work field and work volume . This research was followed by descriptive analytical approach , which aims to study the problems of organizing tourism programs to Jordan.

The study found the following results:

  1. Decrease in the number of tourists because of the political conditions that are affecting the region and which have a significant impact on the tourism sector and tourism programs

The role of media and exaggeration and not to investigate the truth in the transfer of the real picture in the region in general.

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