Mobile Advertising Optimization Strategy Based on SICAS Model in China

  •  Liu Jingyan    
  •  Huang Liwen    


Mobile Internet changes consumer behavior, which also changes marketing. Mobile advertising is an important part of mobile marketing. This paper aims to describes consumer behavior in the mobile internet and provides guidance for mobile advertising. This paper applies inductive and deductive method to analyze mobile advertising’s role in the consumption process based on SICAS model, and then put forward the optimization strategy. Mobile advertising starts with acquiring consumers for products and services, obtains consumer demand through online senses; and realizes interactive connection with consumers to provide the valuable solutions; recommends the brands to meet consumer demands and form the flow from online to offline; feedback online through social sharing after using mobile payment to complete the transaction, to form a complete closed-loop mobile business. Mobile advertising can be be optimized in advertising delivery, advertising content and advertising communication. The precise delivery is achieved through tagged consumer and programmatic purchase. Content advertising, as the core of mobile advertising, is influenced by location, creative experience and scene. Native advertising that content is advertising provides good consumer experience. Cross-screen communication and social communication increases the communication performance of mobile advertising. This paper contributes to the understanding and improvement of mobile advertising, and its findings provide the new thinking perspective for mobile advertising.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.