Academic Motivation Scale: Development, Application and Validation for Portuguese Accounting and Marketing Undergraduate Students

  •  Rui Silva    
  •  Ricardo Rodrigues    
  •  Carmem Leal    


The purpose of this research is the adaptation of the Academic Motivation Scale (AMS) and its use on Accounting and Marketing college undergraduates. After the AMS had been adapted and changed into the Accounting and Marketing Academic Motivation Scale (AMAMS), it was validated in psychometric terms so that it could become a valid tool to be applied and used in studies involving this type of students. Using structural equation modelling, the AMAMS that resulted from adapting the original AMS model was tested. The new scale thus obtained has produced significant results that were very similar to those of the original scale, which means that it is valid and can be applied to other contexts. The validity and statistical reliability of the new scale made it possible to measure Accounting and Marketing college undergraduates’ motivation in a reliable and robust way. The present research is an important contribution for literature since it is the first time that AMS is adapted to and validated in students of these two areas of management, although it has already been applied to several educational contexts.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.