The Significance of Including an Entrepreneurship Course in Engineering Programs

  •  Ibrahim Mosly    


This paper studied the significance of entrepreneurship education in engineering programs. It looked into its influence on engineering students’ perception and willingness to change their future job direction. The study was performed at the College of Engineering-Rabigh Branch, of King Abdulaiziz University in Saudi Arabia. Entrepreneurship education was introduced in 2013 to all of the college’s engineering programs in the form of an introductory course on entrepreneurship (IEN 481). This study reveals the importance of entrepreneurship education to engineering students, as the majority of study participants seek to establish their own business in the future. Moreover, 90% of the participants agreed that the IEN 481 course provided them with sufficient knowledge and skills required to establish their future businesses. In addition, the IEN 481 course changed the students’ mindsets and increased their entrepreneurial awareness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.