Which Technologies Do Pre-Service Teachers Prefer to Use While Presenting Their Teaching Skills and for What Purposes Do They Use These Technologies?

  •  Fatma Sasmaz Oren    


This research aims to determine the technologies that pre-service science teachers prefer to use in micro teaching presentations performed for improving their teaching skills and to determine the purposes of using these technologies. For this purpose, the case study model was used in the research. The research was made with some 48 pre-service science teachers. In the research, data was collected from the presentation files the pre-service science teachers had prepared with respect to the microteaching applications, from the instructor’s observation notes on their presentations, from the view form and from the semi-structured interviews. According to the findings obtained from the research, the pre-service science teachers used computers, projection apparatuses, overhead projectors, videos, animations, simulations and microscopes the most in the microteaching applications. The pre-service science teacher’s expressed that they used technology primarily for reasons such as enhancing the comprehensibility of the subject, concretizing abstract subjects, ensuring visuality and saving time. Considering these results, some recommendations were made regarding the use of technology in science courses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.