The Implementation of Madrasah-Based Management (MBM) at Man 1 and Man 2 Serang City, Banten, Indonesia—A Comparative Study

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This study aims to reveal how the real condition of management of Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) or Islamic Senior High School in Serang is, how the understanding of Madrasah-Based Management (MBM) for the people of MAN 2 and MAN 1 Serang is, and how the implementation of MBM in MAN 2 and MAN 1 Serang.

This study has a substantial meaning, both theoretically and practically. Theoretically, this study can improve the concept of MBM of previous researchers. Besides, it also provides feedback to improve education policies of MBM, and the correct implementation of MBM that has been conducted before. Practically, this study has several meanings, such as: providing inputs on the implementation of MBM to Madrasah Aliyah as an analyzed Islamic educational institutions, providing motivation to all personnel of madrasah, particularly the Head of Madrasah Aliyah in order to improve the autonomy of madrasah management through MBM, and the results of this study can be used as reading material and guidelines for other madrasah.

This study is a qualitative research, which aims to understand the phenomenon of what is experienced by the subjects, such as behavior, perception, motivation, action and others. Qualitative research is a research that has characteristics, which is the data are asked in a reasonable state or as they are (natural setting), by not converted them in the form of symbols or numbers. This study is a qualitative research that invalidates data in the form of symbols or numbers, but rather in the form of words or sentences.

This study employs a managerial, administrative and sociological approach. The managerial approach is used to see the extent to which the implementation of Madrasah-Based Management is implemented in Madrasah Aliyah. The administrative approach is used to analyze the extent to which the administrative system is applied in Madrasah Aliyah as a form of activity of MBM. The sociological approach cannot be separated from the activity of MBM, because sociology is the study of how humans live in a society.

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