Headmaster Instructional Leadership and Organizational Learning on the Quality of Madrasah and the Quality of Graduates the State Madrasah Aliyah at Jakarta Capital Region

  •  Widhyanti Rosmaniar    
  •  Shahril Charil bin Hj. Marzuki    


The purpose of this study is to look closely aspects of instructional leadership, and organizational learning affect the quality of madrasah in improving the quality of graduate the state madrasah aliyah. The experiment was conducted using a quantitative approach with descriptive and inferential methods, in inferential methods used correlation analysis and regression analysis. The process is first conducted analysis of data validity and reliability of data as well as test for normality using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test. The study population is the overall teacher the State Madrasah Aliyah at Jakarta Capital Region. The study sample size of 150 teachers. The collecting data about the instrument with research using Likert scale, to obtain data on instructional leadership, organizational learning, quality of madrassah and the quality of graduates. The results of research known that headmaster instructional leadership has a strong and positive relationship with the quality of the madrasah, the quality of graduates, organizational Learnings have strong relationships and positive impact on the quality of madrasah. The quality of graduates and have a reciprocal relationship with a high instructional leadership. It can be concluded that an increasing in the quality of madrasah and the quality of graduates at the school can be done with an increase in instructional leadership and organization of learning in the madrasah. Thus improvement instructional leadership and organizational learning have a positive influence on the improvement of the quality of madrasah and the achievement of the quality of graduates.

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