Peace Management and Enhanced Academic Performance of Tertiary Institutions in South-South Nigeria

  •  Victor Obule Ebuara    
  •  Uduak Imo Ekpoh    


This study was embarked upon with a view to examining the need for peace in the management of tertiary
institutions towards enhancing academic performance in south-south Nigeria. Three hypotheses and one research
question guided the study. One thousand, two hundred and nineteen (1219) academic and non-academic staff were
selected for the study. A 31 item researcher developed questionnaire was used to collect data from the sampled staff
in their respective institutions. Population t-test and mean scores were used to analyze data collected. Findings show
that peace was advocated but there were serious inadequacies in the implementation and enforcement process of
peace. Proposed peace was scarcely enforced to the detriment of academic performance. The manner and approach
to existing peace management does not actually address the issue of peace building. Based on the findings,
recommendations were made which included among others, that conflict resolution and peace education courses
should be introduced in the school curriculum.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.