Organizational Political Tactics in Universities

  •  Bahareh Azizi Nejad    
  •  Mir Mohammad Seiied Abbaszadeh    
  •  Mohammad Hassani    


The present research aimed to promote understanding of political tactics in organizations. Political behavior in
nowadays-complex conditions is a process that the conflicts, contrasts and differences among interested groups are
resolved. It means dialogue, attention to different goals in organizations, regarding the interest of different groups,
attraction of staff cooperation, and acquisition of the worker’s support in management decisions, therefore technical
and organizational wisdom are not sufficient. Managers along the development of organizations need to have
political wisdom. In this study we surveyed political tactics perceptions of 1263 academic faculty members in West
Azarbaijan State Universities. The research method was a descriptive-survey. Among these academic members, 376
individuals were chosen randomly as research sample. Questionnaire of ‘political tactics’ (r= 0.9) was used to collect
data. The data were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics as well as t-test, MANOVA, and
Freidman test. Research findings showed that there were significant differences between academic degrees of the
academic faculty members and political tactics used in the universities, whereas there was no any difference
between gender of faculty members and political tactics. The survey revealed that the perceptions of political tactics
among faculty members were different in West Azarbaijan State Universities; therefore, some practical suggestions
are recommended.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.