Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Classroom Activities Commonly Used in English Speaking Classes

  •  Xiaoyu Huang    
  •  Xinyue Hu    


Classroom activities, such as English dubs, role-play, brainstorming etc can be very useful for the teaching of oral English. In recent years, although considerable attention has been paid to the use of classroom activities in English speaking classes, the perceptions of teachers and students about such activities have been ignored. Therefore, this study aims to investigate students’ and teachers’ perceptions of the use of classroom activities in English speaking classes. Classroom observations were carried out as a preparatory work for a questionnaire survey which was conducted to examine the attitudes of English-major students and teachers towards 21 classroom activities. Data were analyzed and the results of the research showed that there were both similarities and differences between students’ and teachers’ perceptions about these activities and that the perceptions of freshmen and sophomores were not completely matched. The findings of this research can help teachers take students’ perceptions into consideration while designing classroom activities for English speaking classes in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.