Children’s Books about Special Needs Used as a Mediating Tool, The Perceptions of Inclusion Classroom Teachers in Mainstream Schools

  •  Baratz Lea    


The current study addresses the disparity between the awareness of teachers in special education frameworks regarding the important role of books as a mediating tool and their reticence to use this tool. Twenty three interviews were conducted in two stages: before and after using the book Shelley the Hyperactive Turtle in the classroom. Interviews attempted to examine teachers’ perceptions regarding the use of the book with a student population that has the disorder featured in the book. Even while teachers expressed awareness of the importance of books as a mediating tool, they explained their reasons for refraining from integrating books that are not part of the official curriculum in the course of their work. The findings indicate the need for a novel approach regarding the inclusion in the curriculum of books that feature learning disorders, while simultaneously addressing teachers’ emotional needs and expanding their knowledge of the bibliotheraptic process. In this manner, books, which have a recognized and distinct mediating role, can become a significant and useful tool for teachers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.