Towards Entrepreneurial Learning Competencies: The Perspective of Built Environment Students

  •  Kissi Ernest    
  •  Somiah K. Matthew    
  •  Ansah K. Samuel    


This paper sought to discuss entrepreneurial learning competencies by determining the outcome of entrepreneurial learning on the views of built environment students in the university setting. In this study, three relevant competencies were identified for entrepreneurial learning through literature, namely: entrepreneurial attitude, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship. On this basis, questionnaire was designed and administered to graduate students in built environment. In all, a total of 124 questionnaires were administered to respondents. Out this, 84 were retrieved representing a response rate of 68% and were further subjected to analysis using Relative Importance Index (RII). The findings from the study highlighted on competencies factors that have great impact on entrepreneurs in dealing with tasks and problems related to entrepreneurial learning processes. These key entrepreneurial competencies as perceived by the built environment students were ranked as: entrepreneurial attitude, knowledge of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skill. The findings may help stakeholders in the building industry including up-coming graduate students. Thus, it could help in their journey into entrepreneurial terrain affiliated to advancement of their career, as a way to increase private wealth and the pursuit of a more balanced life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.