A Digital Ecosystems Model of Assessment Feedback on Student Learning

  •  Stephen Gomez    
  •  Holger Andersson    
  •  Julian Park    
  •  Stephen Maw    
  •  Anne Crook    
  •  Paul Orsmond    


The term ecosystem has been used to describe complex interactions between living organisms and the physical world. The principles underlying ecosystems can also be applied to complex human interactions in the digital world. As internet technologies make an increasing contribution to teaching and learning practice in higher education, the principles of digital ecosystems may help us understand how to maximise technology to benefit active, self-regulated learning especially among groups of learners. Here, feedback on student learning is presented within a conceptual digital ecosystems model of learning. Additionally, we have developed a Web 2.0-based system, called ASSET, which incorporates multimedia and social networking features to deliver assessment feedback within the functionality of the digital ecosystems model. Both the digital ecosystems model and the ASSET system are described and their implications for enhancing feedback on student learning are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.