Higher Education in Kenya: The Rising Tension between Quantity and Quality in the Post-Massification Period

  •  Nickanor Amwata Owuor    


This paper was designed to be an empirical study, looking at the disparity between quantity and quality in higher education in Kenya. To enable a systematic look at quality and quantity within context, a combination of approaches: case study, delphi technique, observation and interviews were adopted for the purpose of this study. The research validated the common perception of massificationand corresponding poor quality in the higher education sector in Kenya; reflected by the poor measures in all the aspects of HE quality: Breadth of teaching, learning and assessment activities, students’ achievement, the curriculum, learning resources, student support and guidance, and academic management at subject/ department level. The results present serious concerns which require urgent attention and action. Several action points have been suggested that can prove useful in bringing about the necessary reforms in order to revitalise HE for the sake of enabling the achievement of Vision 2030 (the country’s granddevelopment programme).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.