Integration of a Computer Application in a First Year Accounting Curriculum: An Evaluation of Student Attitudes

  •  Gregory Laing    
  •  Ronald Perrin    


This paper presents the findings of a field study conducted to ascertain the perceptions of first year accounting students concerning the integration of computer applications in the accounting curriculum.  The results indicate that both student cohorts perceived the computer as a valuable educational tool. The use of computers to enhance the understanding/learning of tasks was favoured by 76.3% of semester 1 and 76.7% of semester 2 students Some differences between the student cohorts were considered to be due to the different teaching strategies. Interestingly, the most current experience, with computers, appeared to have the strongest influence on students’ attitudes toward computer usage. Integration of the Academy Accounting System in the accounting curriculum contributed to the learning experience of the students. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.