Establishment of Textbook Information Management System Based on Active Server Page

  •  Lihua Geng    


In the process of textbook management of universities, the flow of storage, collection and check of textbook is quite
complicated and daily management flow and system also seriously constrains the efficiency of the management
process. Thus, in order to combine the information management model and the traditional management model, it is necessary to set up a textbook information management system with the platform of information technology.
This article mainly introduces how to employ the B/S system structure, use the Active Server Page (ASP)
technology, set up textbook information management system of universities by taking SQL SERVER 2000 as the
background database, set up a variety of functional modules according to different roles in the textbook management,
enable textbook management to employ the networked management model and realize high efficiency of textbook
information management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.