Effectiveness of A Web-Based Course on Vaccination Competence in Higher Education: The Eduvac Erasmus+ Project

  •  Dimitra Perifanou    
  •  Eleni Konstantinou    
  •  Anne Nikula    
  •  Kristina Grendova    
  •  Aija Ahokas    
  •  Joan-Carles Casas-Baroy    
  •  Daniela Cavani    
  •  Paola Ferri    
  •  Paola Galbany-Estragues    
  •  Cinzia Gradellini    
  •  Michaela Machajova    
  •  Daniela Mecugni    
  •  Sari Nyman    
  •  Xavier Palomar-Aumatell    
  •  Janka Prnova    
  •  Montse Romero Mas    
  •  Carme Roure Pujol    
  •  Heli Thomander    
  •  Evanthia Sakellari    


Immunization is a highly cost-effective investment in health, proven to be an effective tool in controlling and eliminating dangerous infectious diseases. Health science students require evidence-based knowledge to tackle challenges in healthcare, particularly in the field of vaccination.

The aim of the current study is to asses students’ knowledge on vaccinations and further explore their feedback after attending Educating Vaccination Competence web-based course (EDUVAC web-based course).

Students from five Higher Educational Institutes voluntarily participated in the EDUVAC web-based course. The course provided various study materials, including PowerPoint presentations, videos, quizzes, texts, and references to reputable websites. It also offered small assignments and self-tests for self-evaluation. An online questionnaire was available to students before and after they completed the EDUVAC web-based course.

The mean knowledge score on vaccines increased significantly after the EDUVAC web-based course (p<0.001). The majority of the students (95%) felt that the web-based course has benefitted them for their future career and 96.4% would encourage other students to attend the EDUVAC web-based course. Overall, our findings suggest that EDUVAC is a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their understanding of vaccination.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.