The Formation Logic and Counteractions of Parents' Educational Anxiety Accompanying the Introduction of Double Reduction Policy

  •  Ming Qian    
  •  Wei-qian Xiao    
  •  Yao-han Wei    


After the implementation of “double reduction” policy, parental education anxiety becomes a hit subject in the society. Aimed to figure out formation logic and countermeasures of it, this paper adopts literature survey method, through numerous researches, discovers that on the one hand, the policy has comprehensively standardized cram schooling market, optimized the homework design and relieved students’ burden, which renders the overall educational ecology sustainable. But on the other hand, affected by multiple factors, such as the weakening function of family education, the imbalance between the supply and demand of educational resources, single selection criterion and unpredictable educational deviation, parents’ educational anxiety keeps swelling, bearing several features like the heterogeneity of anxiety, classification of anxious crowds, different stages of anxiety and intergenerational mobility. Therefore, only by synchronous implementation of multiple measures, reconstructing education ecological system, standardizing the policy and continuing to strengthen faculty force, can we relieve parental education anxiety and give a push to the genuine implementation of “double reduction” policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.