Development of a Grit Measurement Scale for Thai Dramatic Arts Students

  •  Tanapot Posamak    
  •  Satayu Songchan    
  •  Nateethorn Narkprom    
  •  Nattapon Yotha    
  •  Wuthikrai Pommarang    


The present study aimed to achieve two main objectives: 1) investigating the components and predictors of grit among Thai Dramatic Arts students, hereafter referred to as TDART students, in a Thai college; and 2) establishing and validating a grit scale specifically designed for TDART students. A total of three hundred and forty-five TDART students were selected using the Multi-stage Random Sampling method to participate in this study. The research instrument used was a grit measurement survey comprising 60 rating-scale items. Mean and standard deviation were employed for data analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis was used to assess construct validity. The findings revealed two distinct components of TDART students’ grit: passion and perseverance, forming a five-dimensional structure for the scale. The grit scale exhibited strong reliability with a value of 0.946, and the power of discrimination (rxy) ranged from 0.247 to 0.586. The results indicated acceptable construct validity for the grit scale, as evidenced by goodness of fit indices meeting criteria (Chi-Square=23.768, df=23, X2/df=1.033, p-value=0.417, CFI=1.000, TLI=1.000, RMSEA= 1.000, and SRMR=0.028).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.