Development of the Learning Package for the Living of the Elderly in Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi Province

  •  Photjanee Sukchaona    
  •  Wiyada Pollachai    
  •  Supapong Sukchaona    


The research aimed to 1) develop a learning package for the living of the elderly, 2) assess the quality of the developed learning package, 3) assess the technology acceptance of the developed learning package, and 4) find out the elderly's satisfaction towards the developed learning package. The learning package was developed following the 5-step ADDIE model. The learning package ran under the Glide Application on the YouTube platform and was accessed through mobile phones. The learning package consisted of seven modules which were analyzed and designed based on the study and analysis from the target group of 1,044 persons residing in provinces included in Kanchanaburi Rajabhat University’s service areas, which are Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi, Thailand. The results of the learning package development was composed of 3 sub-modules, which were learning module 2) media module and 3) assistance module. The evaluation result by specialists found that the developed learning package was of a very good quality. The result of a 12-week learning package trial among the target group of 60 persons found that the assessment result of technology acceptance according to the TAM concept in all four aspects was at a good level, and so did the satisfaction of the target group. This indicated that the developed of learning package could be used effectively. That is, it helped support a lifelong learning for the elderly, allowing them to live in modern society with value and maintain a good quality of life in the long run.

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