Analysis of Legal Risks in Psychological Crisis Events among University Students

  •  Xiaochuan Guo    


The psychological crises of university students are an important factor affecting the security and stability of colleges and universities. Against the background of school governance, the definition and characteristics of college students' psychological crisis events should be correctly understood and the legal risks clearly classified to help prevent crisis incidents. Legal risks have important practical significance. The author starts with the definition of college students' psychological crisis events and divides the characteristics into two parts: cause diversity and result sensitivity. The legal risks associated with the process are clearly divided into civil, administrative and procedural legal risks, which are specifically manifested in the duty of care in the prevention and response stages of the safety responsibility of colleges and universities. In the process, is there any infringement of privacy violations, and when an incident occurs, does the university take timely and positive measures and pay attention to protecting citizens’ legitimate rights and interests during the emergency response process? Are statutory after-care obligations such as diversion and guidance covered in the aftermath phase? Are students provided with reasonable and legitimate complaint channels?

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