Teachers’ Experiences Regarding Science Learning Management during the Post-COVID-19 Era

  •  Chulida Hemtasin    
  •  Chanidaporn See-Onjan    


The aim of this research was to study teachers' learning management experience in teaching science after the COVID-19 pandemic. The sample consisted of 66 senior pre-service science teachers, who carried out fieldwork in the school, and 53 in-service science teachers; the selection was conducted by purposive sampling. The instrument of this research was a questionnaire consisting of five open-ended items. Data were collected through qualitative and then quantitative data analysis. The results revealed that pre-service and in-service science teachers chose the 5E instructional model for science learning management post COVID-19.

Regarding the second research question, active learning was chosen by pre-service and in-service science teachers to suit the science learning approach. Science instructors in pre-service and in-service programs recommend that classrooms be fun-oriented. The limitations in terms of equipment, media, and technology were identified as a problem and an obstacle to science learning management. Science teachers desired to improve themselves in the issues of game and activity development, teaching technique, modern technology, and learning attraction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.