Development of Executive Functions and Support Systems for Student Teachers in Thailand

  •  Nongluck Manowaluilou    


This study aims to investigate the development of executive functions (EFs) for pre-service teachers, their issues during teaching practice, and their motivations for entering the teaching profession. EF self-assessment questionnaires, logbooks, structured in-depth interviews, and support system evaluation forms were used to collect the data. The theory has suggested that school field experiences are particularly effective in student teacher development at the grade level. This study demonstrated a positive association between student teachers’ EFs using four years of data from 45 pre-service teachers participating in teacher preparation programs. Fifteen pre-service teachers attending the fifth year of their teacher education program at a university in Thailand. This longitudinal study used four years (during 2017-2020) of data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.