The Development of "Friend from Heart" Application based on LINE System to Promote Well-Being of Undergraduate Students of Faculty of Education, Kasetsart University

  •  Manatee Jitanan    
  •  Varangkana Somanandana    
  •  Sutasinee Jitanan    
  •  Usanee Lalitpasan    
  •  Sumalee Kham-in    


Depression and suicide rates among youths tended to increase. From reviews, many applications and online counseling could reduce depression and anxiety to promote well-being of youths and university students effectively. This study was conducted to develop "Friend from heart" application based on LINE system to promote well-being for undergraduate students of faculty of education, Kasetsart University. The research method included the survey of basic data for developing the application and evaluation of the application by specialists. A total of 72 voluntary students were invited to join an online survey. It was found that most of the students (81.94%) wanted applications that provide physical health information such as exercise, eating healthy food, and health care. However, about 16.66% of students needed an application that can speak or listen problems with video calls. Then, researchers took the services that students were interested more than 50% to develop the applications. It worked through the application, consisting of chatbot, physical health, mental health, and appointment with counselor. The index of item-objective congruence was 0.66-1.00 with additional specialists commenting that the application had an interesting design with good structure to help students. For ethical approval, it was obtained from the Kasetsart University Research Ethics Committee.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.