Sensorization of Things Intelligent Technology for Sport Science to Develop an Athlete's Physical Potential

  •  Chanita Sattaburuth    
  •  Panita Wannapiroon    


Sports can build both strength and be fun at the same time. When it comes to a professional athlete's victory, the winner will enhance his reputation and can earn a great deal of money. The problem that athletes frequently encounter is traumas, which can happen in games or during training. Today, the technology is very advanced and modernized. Innovations and perceptual devices can be created to monitor, measure, analyze and evaluate data from the information received from the introduction of an intelligent system of evaluation and prediction in terms of safety and risk prevention with regard to athletes, by collecting heart rate data, blood oxygen measurement, air density around the athletes’ body, body temperature and a temperature in the sports training room. This is the point of view and vision of a sports industry leaders, who perceive the opportunity and advantage associated with the competition and training of both amateur and professional athletes, to develop the athlete’s physical potential to achieve international excellence. The study of intelligent sensor technology that is used to support devices that work on the guidelines of Internet of Things (IoT) leading to the development of real time data collecting applications. These are used to process or interpret physiological knowledge for an analysis of results and for the prediction of incoming results. It was found that using intelligent sensing technology which are two main groups of detection and measurement: First, human body function sensing and second, measurement to environment around the body or object, and explained to detail in this article.

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