The Project-based Learning Management Process for Vocational and Technical Education

  •  Prachyanun Nilsook    
  •  Pinanta Chatwattana    
  •  Thapanee Seechaliao    


This research is an analysis and a synthesis of research papers and case studies concerning the project-based learning management. The brainstorming among experts as well as their opinions on learning management process are utilized to define an appropriate learning process for students in vocational and technical education in Thailand. The results of this research reveal that the project-based learning management process for vocational education consists of 5 steps, i.e. preparation, topic definition, creation and test, presentation, and evaluation. This is compliant with the concepts of experts, aligning the teacher and student roles in the same direction, which can be used as a learning management process as to the vocational curricula. Thus, the project-based learning management is an approach of instructional management that is in consistence with the development of vocational students in Thailand. The objective thereof is to provide learners with skills in creating inventions and innovations in the form of projects. Also, learners are encouraged to have attributes and skills of presentation, talk and communication with others, originality, critical thinking, creative thinking, and ability to work well with others; all of these are in accordance to the 21st century skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.