Overcoming Barriers of Study Delay by Implementing A Warm Bounded Learning Community

  •  Hester Brauer    
  •  Miranda de Hei    


We hypothesise that warm bounded learning communities (WBLC) contribute to social and academic integration of students. Eleven students facing study delay participating in a WBLC to write their bachelor thesis were interviewed. They described important episodes in their graduation process, prior to and during their participation. Results indicate that a WBLC that supports interaction, stimulates the development of a community identity, focuses on student collaboration, and mutual appropriation, guides students believing in student agency and supporting a positive self-belief system, can break down barriers students experience. Characteristics of the implemented WBLC and appropriate teacher roles can enlarge motivation, sense of belonging, academic knowledge and self-efficacy. Social interdependence is an important engine to increase social connections and academic self-efficacy, enhancing the growth of academic skills. Our research indicates that well implemented WBLCs can contribute to social and academic integration of students with a study delay.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.