On Academic Identification of College English Teacher in Terms of Discipline in Chinese Higher Education

  •  Zeng Zhen    


The paper looked into faculty of Chinese College English (CE)(or CE faculty on the paper) , a great proportion of teachers teaching English for all non-English majors in higher education institutions, through analysis of CE faculty recruitment process, symbiosis of researching and teaching in their performances, as well as their restrained professional development in China higher education. It’s demonstrated that disciplinary identity on campus is the premise of being successfully fulfillment of the function of teaching and learning in higher education; CE faculty are supposed to effectively perform their duty in line with their professionals defined and developed by the discipline they are trained by. It’s discussed that for securing and protecting the efficiency and academic status of CE and CE faculty, there should be a accrediting process for CE the course accreditation and for CE faculty with academically educational program awarding degree, which is guaranteed for CE being recognized a important and legalized academic activity serving Chinese higher education as its very first design.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.