Examination of Test Anxiety in Samples of Australian and U.S. Higher Education Students

  •  Patricia A. Lowe    


Invariance testing and correlational analyses were conducted on a new test anxiety questionnaire, the Test Anxiety Measure for College Students (TAM-C), with 1.050 Australian and U.S. higher education students. The samples were administered the TAM-C along with other questionnaires. Results from the aforementioned analyses supported a modified six-factor structure for Australian students, U.S. students, males, and females and strong invariance across countries and across genders. Latent mean factor analyses found differences across countries and across genders on the questionnaire and validity evidence for the TAM-C scores in the Australian and U.S. student samples were found. Implications of the findings for counselors and researchers who work with Australian and U.S. undergraduates are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.