Research on Classification Method of Undergraduates' Creative Ability for Classified Teaching

  •  Yi Xu    
  •  Xiaotian Ma    
  •  Tan Derong    
  •  Cong Guo    
  •  Dong Guo    
  •  Jinju Shao    


In this paper, a quantitative system of undergraduates' creative ability is proposed through analyzing characteristics of Amabile creative theory, and the objectivity and feasibility of CAT, TTCT and AMS in creative ability quantification. The academic test scores, TTCT scores and AMS scores are used as the quantitative index of professional skills, innovation skills and task motivation in the quantitative system of undergraduates’ creative ability. Classification method of undergraduates’ creative ability using distance based K-medoids clustering method is proposed based on the quantitative system to improve the pertinence of creative ability cultivation. The feasibility and effectiveness of proposed classification method are verified by instance verification and effect analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.