Education in Togo: From Its Creation until the Period of Socio-Political and Economic Crisis of 1990

  •  Pouzon-Ani BAFEI    


In order to study in long-term the impact of the socio-political and economic crisis on the public policy of Togolese educational system, this article tries to relate the history of Togolese education since its creation until the beginning of the period of the socio-political and economic crisis of 1990. Being given that one of the primordial objectives of the Togolese state is reached at the universal primary school education by 2015. Thus, this study will be focused more on the primary education. Therefore the study proposes to explore the functioning of the Togolese educational system in order to better understand its strengths and weaknesses, to identify present sources of inefficiencies and suggest possible ways to reduce them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.