Determining Factors for Cyberbullying Prevention Programmes

  •  Cristina Hennig Manzuoli    
  •  Liliana Cuesta Medina    


This study reports on the first stages of a larger project to develop an ICT-supported cyberbullying prevention programme that fosters development of children’s communication skills for the safe use of social media. To establish baseline data on the incidence and growth of cyberbullying in Bogotá, Colombia, we applied a Revised School Violence Questionnaire (CUVE-R) to a population of 1355 fifth-grade pre-adolescents. The results show that cyberbullying is at an early stage in the surveyed educational institutions, and we make specific recommendations on developing cyberbullying prevention programmes that foster effective communication and self-regulatory skills supported by multimodal strategies and ICT tools.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.