Developing a Career Development Program for Medical Sciences Students: Reflecting “in” and “on” Practice

  •  Ebinepre cocodia    


Using a reflective practice approach this paper provides an outline of the development of a new career development and counselling program for students within a medical sciences off-campus precinct. Drawing on Schön’s (1983) reflective practice framework the aim included reflecting “in” and “on” action during the development and implementation of the program, leading to transformative learning. Client (the student) and counsellor had the opportunity to assess and reframe their views through the incorporation of new knowledge and information. The career development program is based on Krumboltz and Super’s theoretical models with a focus on the life stages of career and leisure development throughout the lifespan. The paper concludes that individuals may begin to examine and assess their own skills and abilities by drawing on aspects of reflective practice such as noticing, making sense, making meaning, and finally reaching a stage of self-awareness (Bager-Charleson, 2010). These outcomes may transpire as a result of participation in various skills audit exercises and related activities within a career development program.

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