Exploration and Practice of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awareness Embedded in Experimental Teaching of Economic Management Major Undergraduates: A Case Study from China

  •  Yifan Zuo    
  •  Dan Yao    
  •  Mu Zhang    


China has proposed a new strategy driven by innovation, placing scientific and technological innovation at the core of the country’s overall development, and seeing it as a strategic support for improving social productivity and overall national strength. This puts forward new requirements for the construction of high-level universities and the cultivation of high-level talents. Undergraduates are currently the largest reserve talents in colleges and universities. To meet the needs of the new situation, it is the right time to train undergraduates who are innovative and entrepreneurial. Deepening the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities is a practical need for undergraduates to realize the Chinese dream. Facing the urgency of society's need for innovative and entrepreneurial talents, there is an urgent need to embed innovative and entrepreneurial elements in the undergraduate training process. This requires further deepening reforms in the content, form and structure of education to meet the needs of undergraduates for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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