Sense & Meaning: A Second Order Analysis of Language

  •  Amrendra Kumar Singh    
  •  Nirbhay Mishra    


What we know through language is whether the way things are or the ways the things are constructed through anthropological tradition and socio cultural shaping. Actually at the very outset, it is not very clear the settling point of this query. However, we can very well understand the point why a critical understanding of Bio-semanticism which is in some ways constructed and affected by the anthropological and socio cultural developments. What we are trying in this paper is to develop a notion of language psyche. What we mean by this term is the way a speaker is a communicator, who has a history belonging to a certain kind of anthropological character traits as well as socio cultural upbringing, having a certain kind of psychological mental states. The psychological mental states that naturally develop a linguistic psyche are actually constructed. Further when a speaker or a communicator performs a speech act s/he is having a private linguistic affair what we call linguistic experience. Language psyche and its natural outcome linguistic experience are the two very crucial concepts that need to be critically assessed.

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