Needs Analysis on Developing EFL Paragraph Writing Materials at Kalimantan L2 learners

  •  . Sabarun    


This study attempts to explore the target needs and the learning needs. This research was conducted at the second semester English department students of Palangka Raya State Islamic Institute of 2017/ 2018 academic years. The respondent was 20 EFL paragraph writing learners. The research findings were as follows: (a) in terms of the target language needs, it revealed that majority of learners (45%) were studying Paragraph Writing course; (b) it was found that majority of the respondents (50%) stated that the skills to develop through the paragraph writing course was the understanding the paragraph development; (c) it was found that majority of respondents said that grammar (45%) and mind mapping (40%) was the students’ difficulty in writing paragraph; (d) in terms of learning style, the learners preferred to get assistance from Internet than other sources, and they preferred to self-learning in the classroom activities. In terms of the learners’ appropriate teaching methods it was found that (a) Internet was preferred dominantly by the respondents (75%) as source to be included as instructional materials; (b) the source of corrective feedback preferred mostly by the respondents (80%) was teacher feedback. Therefore, it is recommended that internet-based materials are preferred for developing EFL writing materials. The materials should be made excellent integration of resources available on the web.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.