Mathematical Models of Refugee Immigration and Recommendations of Policies

  •  Qilong Cheng    
  •  Tiancheng Yu    
  •  Jingkai Yan    
  •  Ru Wang    


Over the past two years, the refugee crisis resulted from the racial conflict, persecution, generalized violence and violations of human rights has forced an enormous number of refugees to flee to Europe. Aiming to address the problem caused by the flow of refugees, we analyzed the actual procedure of their movement and divide it into three major stages. We designed the gathering model, the entering model, the transferring model, even the health and safety model. Finally, we used the models described above to complete our assigned tasks. Also we put forward seven major policy recommendations to the committee. We accompanied every policy with a straightforward explanation so that people without any technical background can easily understand our insights. The main strength of our model is that it can forecast the flow of immigration and provide meaningful suggestions policies for refugees. With the help of modern computing software, we can track the current tendency and make judges efficiently.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.