A Location Problem of Obstacles in Population Dynamics

  •  Sidy Ly    
  •  Fulgence Mansal    
  •  Diaraf Seck    
  •  Moussa Balde    


The aim of this paper is to determine the optimal locations where Fish Aggregating Devices (F.A.D) or artificial traps must be placed in a given place of the sea and to preverse resources. Our work focuses on two parts: the first one is the study of static optimization problem with a functional taking into account the distance between the sites or F.A.D and the second one is devoted to solving an optimization problem with constraints expressed in classical model of fishery: Lagrange's method and Pontryagin's maximum principle the main mathematical tools to get characterization results of the location of artificial traps.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.