On Anti Fuzzy Ideals in Left Almost Semigroups

  •  Madad Khan    
  •  M. Faisal Iqbal    
  •  M. Nouman A. Khan    


In this paper we have studied the concept of Anti fuzzy ideals in Left Almost Semigroups (LA-semigroup in short). The equivalent statement for an LA-semigroup to be a commutative semigroup is proved. The set of all anti fuzzy left ideals, which are idempotents, forms a commutative monoid. Moreover it has been shown that the union of any family of Anti fuzzy left ideals of an LA-semigroup is an anti fuzzy left ideal of F(S). The relation of anti fuzzy left(right) ideals, anti fuzzy interior ideals and anti fuzzy bi-ideals in LA-semigroups has been studied. Anti fuzzy points have been defined in an LA-semigroup and has been shown the representation of largest fuzzy left ideal generated by a fuzzy point.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.