On n-Paranormal Operators

  •  Muneo Cho    
  •  Schoichi Ota    


A Hilbert space operator $T$ is called $n$-paranormal and $*$-$n$-paranormal if $\|Tx\|^n \leq \|T^nx\| \cdot \|x\|^{n-1}$ and $\|T^*x\|^n \leq \|T^nx\| \cdot \|x\|^{n-1}$, respectively. Let $\mathfrak{P}(n)$ and $\mathfrak{S}(n)$ be the sets of all $n$-paranormal operators and $*$-$n$-paranormal operators, respectively. In this paper we study and discuss the relationship between these two sets of operators and especially show $\displaystyle \bigcap_{n=3}^{\infty} \mathfrak{P}(n) = \mathfrak{P}(3) \bigcap \mathfrak{P}(4)$. Finally we introduce $*$-$n$-paranormality for an operator on a Banach space and give some spectral properties.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.