The Upwind Finite Volume Element Method for Two-Dimensional Time Fractional Coupled Burgers’ Equation

  •  Zechao Lv    
  •  Qing Yang    


The finite volume element method for approximating a two-dimensional time fractional coupled Burgers' equation is presented. The linear finite volume element method is used for spatial discretization and the upwind technique is used for the nonlinear convective term to get the semi-discrete scheme. Further, the time-fractional derivative term is approximated by using L1 formula and the nonlinear convection term is treated by linearized upwind technique to get the fully discrete scheme. We prove that the semi-discrete scheme is convergent with one-order accuracy in space and the fully discrete scheme is convergent with one-order accuracy both in time and space in L^2-norm. Numerical experiments are presented finally to validate the theoretical analysis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.