Restoring Environmental Justice: On the Coupled Dynamical Analysis of Lake Powell and Lake Mead

  •  Angelina Shen    
  •  Youn-Sha Chan    


A new omen of the current climate crisis is surfacing, threatening lives relying on Lake Powell and Lake Mead. As the largest reservoirs in Colorado River and its tributary system, the two lakes are suffering from structural water deficiency caused by persistent global warming and human related environmental destruction. This study proposes threshold values of water recycling and water saving by applying mathematical models within reality-based circumstances. The dynamic nature of environmental factors has been elucidated by applying a system of ordinary differential equations (ODE). In addition, water level predictions under various scenarios are obtained from the ODE system solutions. Our study provides a clear and simulated roadmap reflective of the scale and urgency of restoring climate justice in Lake Powell and Lake Mead.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.