Solving Some Fractional Ordinary Differential Equations by SBA Method

  •  Germain KABORE    
  •  Windjire SOME    
  •  Moumini KERE    
  •  Ousseni SO    
  •  Blaise SOME    


In this paper we have solved some temporal fractional functional equations in the sense of Caputo by a numerical method called SOME BLAISE ABBO(SBA). Unlike classical numerical methods, this method bypasses discretization. Despite its youth, it has already proven itself. Indeed, its accuracy and efficiency have already been proven in the solution of ODEs and PDEs with integer derivative. Its application to fractional functional equations constitutes an important scientific contribution. On the one hand, we demonstrate the efficiency of the SBA method to find exact solutions, when they exist, of some rather complicated problems, due to their nonlinearity. On the other hand, through these results, we bring essential information allowing the analysis of a given phenomenon in order to help the best decision making.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.