Optimal Control for a Degenerate Population Model in Divergence Form With Incomplete Data

  •  Mohamed A. Sana    
  •  Somdouda Sawadogo    
  •  Sadou Tao    


In this paper, we study the control of a degenerate population dynamics system in divergence form with unknown information on the boundary. We use the no-regret control concept of J. L. Lions treated in (Lions, 1992) to investigate the problem. At first, we define notions of no-regret control.  Using an appropriate Hilbert space, we show that the no-regret control is the limit near the origin of a series of low-regret controls defined by a quadratic perturbation previously used by (Nakoulima, Omrane, & Velin, 2000) corresponding to the disturbed system and for which we give a singular optimality system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.